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Welcome!  Jim, Anita and Trixie have been artists their whole lives.  With many jobs in between! Anita has been a potter for many years, has worked with mosaics, jewelry and wire work and has been working with fused glass for the last 20 years.  Trixie is a Interior Designer and has a unique talent for design.  She took a class with Anita and immediately was hooked on glass.  Together, they have designed a very popular group of items sold at Artesano in Fort Walton Beach.  They often turn to Jim for problem solving as he was a master carpenter, master mold maker and all around talented guy.  His carpentry work is in the White House and the Smithsonian Institute.  He owned and ran a sculpture company for years and created molds for duplication. 

 He designed our fantasy flowers from loose parts and the rest is history.  Together they co-create beautiful fused glass pendant lights, dishware, fantasy flowers, sculptures and beach themed glass art.

They use all sorts of glass, including handmade art glass, old windows, sliding glass doors and float glass.

Cateil has now joined the team to be our marketing advisor and has been posting videos on Instagram (paradiseglassworksfwb).  Many thanks goes to Michelle for designing our logo and our website.

We are so grateful to them both!

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